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can you pls provide me with an speech on "television is not only an entertainer as well as an educator" (250-300 words)

Asked by Sanmit Ratnaparkhi | 16th Dec, 2014, 07:29: PM

Expert Answer:

Respected Principal, Learned Teachers, and Friends,

I am glad to have the opportunity to talk about the role of television as a mode of entertainment and education.

Ever since its invention in the early twentieth century, television has been used to both inform and entertain people. The broadcasting machine may once have been limited to entertaining households, but has gradually evolved into a medium that also provides edutainment. Be it the UGC programmes on Doordarshan or private DTH channels airing shows for children, television has found followers under all age groups.

DD Kisan is a channel intended for the benefit of farmers by telecasting appealing and informative content. DD Gyandarshan relays programmes from various Doordarshan Kendras in different Languages. It is organized and administered by NCERT, IGNOU and the National Institute of Open Schools. Apart from Doordarshan, many other channels like Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel, etc, air educational and informative shows for all age groups. Children can learn about the environment, climate change, latest innovations, and also explore and understand their ancestral traces.

News channels also play an important role in informing their audience about current affairs around the world. Children learn to form opinions at an early age when they see news programmes exposing malpractices or activities that disturb peace.

Television, hence, is not an idiot box anymore. It actually depends on how we use the broadcasting machine. 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 17th Dec, 2014, 11:02: AM

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