Please write an essay on should varanasi made a heritage city

Asked by pallavi.sunbeam | 3rd Sep, 2014, 01:52: PM

Expert Answer:

A natural or manmade place of significance which may deserve special protection and preservation is given the designation of World Heritage Site (WHS) by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). These sites are places of cultural importance and are to be treated as valuable embodiments of natural and human achievements.

In order to be considered a World Heritage Site, the place has to fulfil some of the criteria put forth by UNESCO. For example, they must be unique and exceptional; they should represent human achievements; they should be directly or indirectly associated with historic events; they should have a prominent place in the history and culture of a civilisation which is thriving or extinct.

In this essay, I wish to discuss the eligibility of Varanasi as a contender of the title of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Of the 24 Indian sites enlisted by UNESCO, Varanasi has surprisingly not made it to the list. A city like Varanasi which is the cradle of Indian culture deserves to be on the list.

Varanasi is a living testimony of the traditional Indian culture. It is the holiest city for the world’s oldest religion – Hinduism. One can also find experts and practitioners of ancient Indian sciences such as astrology, ayurveda and Vastushastra here. The ancient language of Sanskrit is still alive in this holy city.

Apart from all this, Varanasi is also significant for religions such as Jainism and Buddhism. In fact, it was here that the religion of Buddhism first started. Buddha himself had given his first sermon here at Sarnath. Archaeological excavations at the Rajghat plateau have found remnants of urban settlements dating to 800–500 BC. Which means it housed a civilisation which was refined and was much ahead of its times.

A city which has contributed so much to the cultural heritage of the country deserves to be preserved, protected and nurtured for the future generations to see. Therefore, Varanasi should be granted a World Heritage Site status by UNESCO.


Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 3rd Sep, 2014, 08:03: PM