Please tell us about the new method of balancing equation the new skeleton equation ??


Asked by bharatshamnani5619.9sdatl | 3rd May, 2020, 07:06: PM

Expert Answer:

Skeleton equations are unbalanced chemical equations, In these chemical reactions, We write chemical formulae instead of chemical names.
Let's take an example to balance the chemical equation-
CH4 + O ---------> CO2 +  H2O
a) Balancing of Carbon
Total number of carbons on LHS=1
Total number of Carbon on RHS=1 
b)Balancing of Hydrogen
Total number of H on LHS=4
Total number of H on RHS=2
So, after multiplying H2O by 2-
CH+ O2-----------> CO2 + 2H2O
c) Now C and H are balanced so Lets look at O
 Number O atoms on LHS=2
Number of O atoms on RHS=4
To balance oxygen  we will multiply O2 by 2
So, final balanced equation becomes-
CH4 + 2O2 --------> CO2 +2H2O

Answered by Ravi | 4th May, 2020, 12:46: AM