please tell something about logarithm

Asked by hanumaan | 16th Jul, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

If you have understood functions than you will not have problems with logarithm.
A function is something which takes some values as input, performs some operation on it, and gives you output.
For example, Sine.
You give certain value in degrees to Sine function and it returns the appropriate value.
like , sin 30 = 1/2.
Similarly Logarithm is also a function which when applied to certain value will return you its corresponding logarithm.
Logarithm can have different base. Generally we work in logarithm to the base 10.
and you can interpret the result as follows: 
Lets suppose we take log of y , and get the answer as x, then we can say that when 10 to the power of x is calculated we will get y.
Log 100 = 2
Here y =100 and x =2.
10 to the power of 2 will give us 100.

Answered by  | 17th Jul, 2010, 12:26: PM

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