please solve the numericals:

Asked by bhimaasman | 9th Dec, 2009, 11:59: AM

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Dear Student

Above critical angle there will be complete internal reflection


If Ctitical angle =θc

Sin θc =  n2/n1     Wheren1 n2    are more and les dense midium's refractive indeces respectively

In our case   n1=1 (Air),    n2    =1.33 (water)

Sin θc =  n2/n1     =1/1.33   =0.752  ===> θc= 48.70

So,   Radius of the illuminated region=   Pond Depth X Sin θc  = 0.752 h


when viewed normally  there is oil of length 10cm  and after that water if lenght 10 cm

Opticl path length =  length/ Refractive ingex =  10/1.4   +  10/1.33  = 14.66 cm

appt. depth of the tank when viewed normally =  14.66cm








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