Please solve the given question

Asked by ak7829426179 | 24th Sep, 2020, 08:05: AM

Expert Answer:

a) i) sledge is mving with increasing speed between 0 to 3 seconds. 
ii) with constant speed between 3 s to 4 s and 6 to 9 s 
iii) with deacresing speed between 4 to 6 s and 9 to 12 s time interval. 
b) At t =10 s speed of the body is 2.5 m/s 
c) After 5 s speed of the body is 3.5 m/s 
d) At beginning from the graph it is observed that the initial speed of the sledge was 4 m/s 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 25th Sep, 2020, 12:38: AM