Please solve the below questions139,140,141,142 from the lesson MATRICES.

Asked by Sai Seravan Bodipudi | 11th Jun, 2015, 08:11: PM

Expert Answer:

Kindly ask one query in one post. The explanation for Q.No. 139 is as follows:
The coefficient matrix of the three equations is given by A equals open square brackets table row 1 2 3 row 2 1 3 row 5 5 9 end table close square brackets open vertical bar A close vertical bar equals 1 open parentheses 9 minus 15 close parentheses minus 2 open parentheses 18 minus 15 close parentheses plus 3 open parentheses 10 minus 5 close parentheses equals negative 6 minus 6 plus 15 equals 3 open vertical bar A close vertical bar not equal to 0. space H e n c e comma space t h e space s y s t e m space o f space l i n e a r space e q u a t i o n s space i s space c o n s i s t e n t space w i t h space u n i q u e space s o l u t i o n. O p t i o n space left parenthesis 2 right parenthesis space i s space c o r r e c t.

Answered by satyajit samal | 12th Jun, 2015, 10:16: AM