Please solve /tell with steps. Find: a)76.5/0.15 b)3.78/1.4 c)2.73/1.3

Asked by satijaneetu50 | 9th May, 2020, 12:48: AM

Expert Answer:

Possible way
a) here check the denominator, what will you multiply in the denominator to get rid of the decimal? 100, right. Once you multiply the denominator by 100, you will also have to multiply the numerator by 100. Then reduce the fraction to lowest terms.
fraction numerator 76.5 over denominator 0.15 end fraction x 100 over 100 equals 7650 over 15
try it now.
For (b) and (c) multiply the denominator and numerator by 10, make the changes and reduce the fraction to lowest term.

Answered by  | 9th May, 2020, 11:55: PM