begin mathsize 12px style straight A space kite space is space flown space with space straight a space thread space of space 250 space straight m space length. If space the space thread space is space assumed space to space be space streched
and space makes space an space angle space of space 60 to the power of 0 space with space the space horizontal comma space find space the space height space of space the space kite space above space the space ground end style

Please provide solution to this question

Asked by Topperlearning User | 3rd Nov, 2017, 01:53: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 12px style We space need space to space find space AO.
From space the space figure space we space can space write
sin 60 to the power of 0 equals AO over 250
rightwards double arrow AO equals 250 cross times fraction numerator square root of 3 over denominator 2 end fraction equals 216.50 space straight m end style

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