Please provide a simple explanation regarding the electrode potential of the d block elements. What is t2g?

Asked by poojakamde3 | 1st Dec, 2017, 12:17: PM

Expert Answer:

The above equations signifies the standard electrode potentials of some half–cells involving 3d-series of transition elements and their ions in aqueous solution, 
Electrode potential for a Mn+/M half-cell is a measure of the tendency for the reaction, Mn+(aq) + ne– → M(s)
Look out at this series:
Standard electrode potentials for 3d-elements
  The above transition series expalin the trends of d- block elements in which the negative values of E° for the first series of transition elements (except for Cu2+/ Cu ) indicate that metals should liberate hydrogen from dilute acids i.e., the reactions.

Answered by Ramandeep | 1st Dec, 2017, 06:39: PM