please list applications of light and mirror and lens that we see in in or day to day life?and explain theory or reason behind that phenomena?please also list some ideas of concepts(science magics) regarding class 10 physics all chapters that I can use in science exhibition model and presentation?

Asked by abinash.gupta003 | 19th Oct, 2017, 06:56: PM

Expert Answer:

For Light:
Light is used in automobile, lighthouse, torch, house lamp, flood light etc
For Mirror:
Used by hairdresser, as rear view mirror in car or bike, as a reflector in solar cooker,  spherical mirror is used by dentist etc
They are used in the camera, headlight, lasers, eye-glasses, microscope etc.
Below are the ideas for science exhibition model:
  1. Image formation by lenses
  2. Simple microscope using convex lens
  3. Working  of Human eye (using convex lens and screen)
  4. Working of electric circuit for a light bulb
  5. Use of Series and parallel circuit
  6. Ohm's law and Joules heating law
  7. Working of electric motor
  8. Direction of electric current in a conductor using compass 
  9. Demonstration of fleming right and left-hand rule

Answered by Gajendra | 4th Dec, 2017, 11:37: AM