Please let me know what is the best way to study for an exam?

Asked by navindif | 29th Jul, 2008, 07:55: PM

Expert Answer:

In biology, the understanding of concepts and processes are very important. Cramming up without understanding, will lead to getting confused during exams.

So first understand the various points given in a topic. Also space out your studies. Beginning your studies a few days before the exam and trying to cover everything within a few days will also lead to confusion. Instead begin from day one. Tackle one topic at a time, revise it the next day and also the day after. Only after you have mastered the topic, start a new one. After revising the second topic, remember to keep revising the first topic. Continuous revision helps to fix the topic in your memory.

Remembering the key points and making short notes on important points of the topic is a good poractice. These notes will also help in quick revision at the time of exam.

Once a chapter is completed, tackle the various questions in this chapter. Go through as many questions as possible, of various marks (from exam point of view), from NCERT and different reference books.

Diagrams are very important in Biology. Practicing them constantly is the only way to perfect them. Draw neat and labelled diagrams to score full marks.

So understanding, continuous revisions, solving questions, and practicing diagrams are important to score well in exam.

Answered by  | 30th Jul, 2008, 10:53: AM

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