Please inform important questions and topics in PHYSICS for 2017 icse 10th board exam. Also tell me chapters important for numericals in physics.

Asked by AMIT | 7th Feb, 2017, 12:13: AM

Expert Answer:

The most important questions will be soon provided as a document. It will be available on our site as soon as it is ready.
The most important topics are as follows:
Newton's laws of motion, moment of force, principle of moments, Work, Power, work-energy theorem, production of electricity, law of conservation of energy, levers, gears, combination of pulleys, speed of light in different media, refraction through a prism, applications of refraction, critical angle, TIR, image formation by lenses, power of a lens, dispersion of light, electromagnetic radiations, scattering of light, echo, resonance, characteristic of sound, ohm's law, resistivity, emf and internal resistance, commercial unit of energy, power distribution in a house, fuse, magnetic field due to a solenoid, electromagnet and its uses, magnetic force, DC motor, Farday's laws, AC generator, transformer, specific heat and its consequences, change of phase, latent heat and its measurement, cathode ray tube, properties of alpha, beta and gamma rays, changes in nucleus in α, β, γ emissions.
Numericals can be asked from any chapter and so all the chapters become equally important.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 7th Feb, 2017, 10:50: AM