Please help....Experts...!! I'm really confused whether the answer is 1J or 0.01J.Please explain the answer in detail.

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Expert Answer:

Wheat plants represent the producer level. They trap only 1% of the sun’s energy falling on them. So, the energy available in wheat will be 1% of 1,000 J which will be 10 J.

According to 10% law, at each trophic level about 10% of the energy of the previous trophic level is passed to the next trophic level. 

 Energy available to mice = 10 x 10/100 = 1 J

Energy available to snake = 1 x 10/100 = 0.1 J

Energy available to higher carnivores = 0.1 x 10/100 = 0.01 J

Answered by  | 13th Mar, 2013, 07:36: AM

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