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Asked by nitishkrnehu09 | 18th Nov, 2017, 10:29: PM

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As per Kepler's law of Areas, ωr2 is constant for the given planet orbit.
Here ω is angular velocity and r is the distance between star and planet.
This leads to V×r = constant where v is the tangential speed.
hence VP × rP = VA  × rA
begin mathsize 12px style V subscript P over V subscript A equals space r subscript A over r subscript P space equals space fraction numerator a left parenthesis 1 plus e right parenthesis over denominator a left parenthesis 1 minus e right parenthesis end fraction space space equals space fraction numerator 1 plus e over denominator 1 minus e end fraction end style
here a is semi major axis of elliptical orbit.

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