Please guide me thoroughly,of what to read and get a perfect centum

Asked by Ginni2k | 26th Mar, 2017, 02:13: AM

Expert Answer:

The primary requirement for scoring well in any exam is to understand all the concepts thoroughly from the syllabus. We understand that learning all the concepts can be tedious and difficult, but what is important is to give yourself study time throughout the year. Never let time pass and then study at the last hour. This will only create stress. If you study in bits and pieces throughout the year you will realise that you are more than ready for the exam.
Practice all the types of numericals from different chapters. Once you are through with the concepts and numericals practice the papers of previous years. You can also practice the sample papers which we ( have created for you. When the exam is near, do not learn anything new and focus on revising all that you have learnt throughout the year. For the reference part you can refer various books like Pradeep, modern ABC, HC Verma and Halliday Resnick. I would suggest that for theory part refer Pradeep, for conceptual strength refer HC Verma and Halliday Resnick.
With hard work and proper practice I am sure you will sail through the paper and score excellent marks in the exam.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 26th Mar, 2017, 11:13: AM