Please give tips to study p,d,f block elements because I've seen the CBSE questions where questions any part are given and out of so many reactions, one is asked.Please give some imporant reactions from exam-oriented questions.

Asked by Benjamin | 18th Feb, 2017, 12:06: PM

Expert Answer:

Looking at the last five years board papers, we have seen questions asked  from the topics mentioned below:
For 1 Mark Questions:

•Oxides of  Nitrogen
•Allotropic forms of Phosphorus
•Oxoacids of Phosphorus
•Group 15 Elements
For 2 Marks Questions:

•Interhalogen Compounds
•Group 18 Elements
•Oxoacids of Phosphorus
•Interhalogen Compounds
•General Properties of 

Transition Elements

•Some Important Compounds

of Transition Elements

For 3 Marks Questions:

•Sulphur dioxide
•Group 16 Elements
•Group 15 Elements
•The Actinoids and General

Properties of the Transition 


•The Lanthanoids
For 5 Marks Questions:

•Interhalogens & Oxoaxids

of Phosphorus

•Oxides of Nitrogen

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 20th Feb, 2017, 10:38: AM