please give the answer 

Asked by Anil | 23rd Jul, 2017, 06:22: PM

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We appreciate the level of question that you have posted. We are currently working on it and assure you that a logical solution will be arrived upon and shared with you soon. We are trying our best to come to a logical conclusion to this question. We have received queries from you in the past and we have made sure that we provide you good responses to them.
But, until we are satisfied with the answer to this query we apologize for not providing any adequate response to it. In the mean time if you come up with the solution or any intermediate steps for the said query then we would be obliged to know about it.
Also, you can continue posting other queries.

Topperlearning Team.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 27th Jul, 2017, 03:57: PM