please give me a paragraph for the following in about 70 words :
imagin you wake up one morning and find a tiny animal at the doorstep. you want to keep it as a pet but your parents are not too happy about would you persuade them to let you keep it?

Asked by pallavi0425 | 10th Oct, 2015, 01:00: PM

Expert Answer:

Your question clearly states 'how would you persuade them to let you keep it?' Therefore, I strongly recommend you to use your creativity to write this paragraph. You may answer the following questions to draft your paragraph. 
Q1. What creature did you see when you woke up in the morning one day? 
  • One morning I woke up and found a _______________ at my doorstep.
Q2. Why did you want to keep it?
  • I wanted to keep it because it was ___________________.
Q3. What happened when you expressed the desire to keep it as a pet in front of your parents?
  • When I told my parents that I wanted to keep it, they said I can't because they thought the animal was ____________________.
Q4. How did you persuade them to let you keep it?
  • I took the tiny little creature and placed it in front of my parents. When they saw how adorable and harmless it was, my parents __________________________. 
Use the answer prompts to complete your paragraph. Use appropriate adjectives to describe the animal you imagined at your doorstep. 
Happy Studying! 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 11th Oct, 2015, 04:18: PM