Please give a detailed diagram of areolar and adipose connective tissue with proper explanation of each component of it. 

Asked by superhero3760 | 31st Jul, 2019, 11:55: PM

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Areolar tissue


Found beneath the epithelia. 

Found between skin and muscles, around blood vessels, nerves and in the bone marrow. 

Made of gelatinous matrix containing cells and irregularly arranged fibres.

Fills the space inside the organs and supports and strengthens internal organs.

Helps in the repair of tissues.

Adipose tissue


Found beneath the skin, around the kidneys and other internal organs such as intestines.

Cells are filled with fat globules situated in a large central vacuole of a cell, pushing the cytoplasm and nucleus to the periphery.

A loose framework of areolar tissue supports these cells.

Acts as an insulator due to the storage of energy in the form of fats. It insulates the body and prevents the loss of heat.

Acts as a cushion and provides protection to the internal organs.

Areolar tissue:
Adipose tissue:

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