please give 20 to 30 pointers on the topic - ambtion isthe rudder ofthe ship.  

Asked by Apoorva | 16th Aug, 2016, 09:25: PM

Expert Answer:

Hello Apoorva,
The topic you have mentioned is not clear. However, please expand the following summary to suit your requirements.

Life without ambition is like a ship without a rudder. A rudder helps in steering a ship. Ambitions shape our lives. Without ambition, life is aimless and scattered randomly across here and there. Ambition refers to the strong desire to achieve something in life. Just as the ship’s captain aims at taking his ship to its destination, each one of us wants to reach a certain position in our life. Ambitions can differ from person to person. Some people want to get rich and famous. Some want to help social causes. Some want to fight for their country while some want to lead their nation. In order to fulfil our ambition, we make plans. We join a particular education programme, work hard to get good grades, join well-known companies and earn good money. We lend a helping hand whenever and wherever we can. We stand up for our country. We practise what we preach. In conclusion, ambition shapes our life and helps us identify ourselves. 


Answered by Snehal Naik | 17th Aug, 2016, 12:09: PM

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