Please explain

Asked by topperpranav | 8th Nov, 2008, 12:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Kinetic Energy = 1/2 mv2 where m - mass of the body
                                                         v  -  velocity of the body

Potential Energy = mgh where h - height of the body

Conservation of Mechanical Energy states that in a system the total Energy is constant. = Kinetic energy+Potential Energy.

When the body is at theheight h it only possess potential energy as v = 0.Once the body is dropped the body falls down and the height decreases.At the same time due to acceleration due to gravity the velocity v increases.Hence the Kinetic Energy increases while Potential energy decreases keeping the total sum as constant.At the time when the body hits the ground the potential energy =0 and Kinetic Energy is maximum.Hence it may also be said that the Potential Energy gets converted to Kientic Energy.

Answered by  | 12th Nov, 2008, 02:07: PM

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