Please explain variation of conductivity and molar conductivity with concentration.

Asked by shrikrushna deokar | 8th Nov, 2013, 04:35: PM

Expert Answer:

Conductivity of a solution is equal to the conductance of a solution of 1cm length and cross section area of 1 square cm. It is represented by symbol Kappa (K ).

K = 1/ ?

Where, ? = resistivity.

The unit of K is ohm-1 cm-1 or S cm-1

It depends on the concentration of the electrolyte, nature of solvent and temperature.

Molar conductivity of a solution is the conductance of the volume V of solution containing one mole of electrolyte placed between two electrodes with an area of cross section A and distance of unit length.

?m = K /c

Where, k =conductivity and c= electrolyte concentration.

It increases with the decrease in concentration. 

Answered by Karishma Kapoor | 11th Nov, 2013, 11:03: AM

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