please explain moving coil galvanometer...............

Asked by  | 22nd Jun, 2008, 12:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Galvanometer works on the principle of conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. When a current flows in a magnetic field it experiences a magnetic torque. If it is free to rotate under a controlling torque, it rotates through an angle proportional to the current flowing through it. When a current passes through the galvanometer coil, it experiences a magnetic deflecting torque,which tends to rotate it from its rest position. As the coil rotates it produces a twist in the suspension strip. The twist in the strip produces an electric restoring torque. The coil rotates until the elastic restoring torque due to the strip does not equal and cancels the deflecting magnetic torque, then it attains equilibrium and stops rotating any furthers.

Answered by  | 24th Jun, 2008, 12:44: PM

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