please explain me the formula for calculating accceleration due to gravity in a very simple way.

Asked by ayushikas | 21st Nov, 2009, 09:59: AM

Expert Answer:

The acceleration of gravity due to a planet with mass M and radius R is given by

g = GM/R2

which we get by simple equating the weight mg to the gravitational force given by Newton's Law.

The above expression shows us that g is constant on the surface of the planet. We can simply plug in the values of G, M and R to find the value of g or we can find it.

Since g is constant we can do simple experiment, in which we'll drop a ball from a tall building/mountain of height H, and measure the time when it hits the ground.

H = ut + gt2/2

which gives g = 2H/t2




Answered by  | 21st Nov, 2009, 01:36: PM

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