Please explain me about theelectric generator.

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Dear student,

An electric motor is essentially just a tight coil of copper  wire wrapped around an ironore that's free to rotate at high speed inside a powerful, permanent magnet. When you feed electricity into the copper coil, it becomes a temporary, electrically powered magnet—in other words, an electromagnet—and generates a magnetic field all around it. This temporary magnetic field pushes against the magnetic field that the permanent magnet creates and forces the coil to rotate.  the coil can be made to rotate continuously in the same direction, spinning round and round and powering anything from an electric toothbrush to an electric train. So how is a generator different? Suppose you have an electric toothbrush with a rechargeable battery  inside. Instead of letting the battery power the motor that pushes the brush, what if you did the opposite? What if you turned the brush back and forth repeatedly? What you'd be doing would be manually turning the electric motor's axle around. That would make the copper coil inside the motor turn around repeatedly inside its permanent magnet. If you move an electric wire inside a magnetic field, you make electricity flow through the wire—in effect, you generate electricity. So keep turning the toothbrush long enough and, in theory, you would generate enough electricity to recharge its battery. That, in effect, is how a generator works.

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