please explain me about house wiring with diagram, for my sa-1

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Basic Home Wiring System

Main supply being transferred to our homes using a cable having three cores that contains the live wire, neutral wire and the earth wire. Actually live wire is red in colour and has about 220 Volt for domestic supply. The neutral wire is black in colour and the earth wire is of green in colour. The neutral wire provides a return path for the current and kept at the zero potential. Thus potential difference among the live and the neutral wire is 220 V. The neutral and the live wire of main line are being brought towards the major board, which is inside our homes or houses. The live wire is connected to the electric metre with the help of a fuse of high rating. This fuse can be considered as the core or main fuse.

The neutral wire is directly connected to the electric metre. The wires coming out from the metre goes to the main switch. The wires appearing from the major or main switch enter the box, from where it is distributed. In this distribution box, the major line is divided among two key or chief circuits, one which is of 5A (domestic light) and the other of 15 A (domestic power). The domestic light is used to operate the light appliances as bulb, fan etc. The domestic power is used to operate the heavy appliances as motor, geysers, etc. From this distribution box, various self-governing distribution circuits are being drawn. Each distribution circuit serves a portion of the home. All these circuits are in the parallel combination. In each of the circuit, live wire passes through the separate fuse. Now the wiring is done.


Image showing basic home wiring

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