please explain in detail?

Asked by abinash.gupta003 | 22nd Dec, 2017, 01:41: PM

Expert Answer:

Upward velocity of ball w.r.t lift is u
let the upward acceleration and downward acceleration be a

resultant acceleration = -g-a = -(g +a)

Ball reached a height h and comes back to the man so dispalcemnet would be zero

h=ut1 +(1/2)at12

0 = ut1 -(1/2)(a + g)t12
ut1=(1/2)(a +g)t12
a+ g = 2u/t1

t1= 2u/(a+g)

similaralry for case when man is descending down

t2=2u / (g-a)

This hint should be able to help to get the answer

Answered by Gajendra | 22nd Dec, 2017, 07:10: PM

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