Please explain in detail, what is inert pair effect?

Asked by vartika | 31st Oct, 2013, 02:27: AM

Expert Answer:

  • The reluctance of the s-electron pair to take part in chemical combination is called inert pair effect.
  • It increases down a group and thus the lower elements of group show lower oxidation states, actually 2-less oxidation state, than the upper elements.
  • All the elements of group 15 exhibit positive oxidation states of +5 and +3.However on moving down the group, the stability of +5 oxidation state decreases while that of +3 oxidation state increases due to inert pair effect.
  • As an example in group 13, the +1 oxidation state of Tl is the most stable and Tl+3 compounds are comparatively rare. The stability increases in the following sequence:
 Al < Ga < In < Tl

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 31st Oct, 2013, 09:48: AM

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