Please explain how to calculate the number of unpaired electrons in a coordination compound and how to estimate its geometry. Which elements in Spectrochemical Series form high spin and which ones from low spin complexes?

Asked by buttercup | 21st Mar, 2012, 02:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Suppose i take a complex [Cr(NH3)6]+3
Chromium (Z=24)
Electronic configuration is 3d54s1
But calculate the oxidation state of Cr =+3
Hence one 4s and two 3d electrons are removed
As NH3  is a strong spin complex thus the pairing does not take place in the electrons present in 3d.
Now the vacant orbitalsare:   two 3d  , one 4s and three 4p
Thus the ammonia forms occupy the six vacant orbitals and has octahedral geometry.
Spectrochemical series:
The ascending order of crysatl field splitting is :
The ascending order from high spin complex to low spin complex is as given above.

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