Please explain and tell all the differences between trees, shrubs and herbs.

Asked by A M | 2nd Sep, 2010, 08:51: PM

Expert Answer:

Herbs do not have a firm stem but a flexible juicy structrure which does not have the woody hard part as in a Tree or a Shrub. Herbs  are generally small and without any firm support or woody stem.
Only plants with woody parts are trees and shrubs.
The main distinction between trees and shrubs is that trees have a single central stem or trunk, while shrubs often have multiple, thinner stems.
Trees also tend to have a distinct shape and crown, while shrubs may consist of a large hedge that spreads over the ground. 
Trees are generally thicker in the trunk and taller than shrubs.
Shrubs tend to produce growth that spreads out in all directions and goes down to ground level, while trees often have branches that are high up, leaving little foliage near the ground. Shrubs tend to be hardy plants that will grow back and fill in even if the woody branches are cut back; trees generally do not grow back easily if branches are cut off.

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