Please explain all kind of chemical reations in Ls.1

Asked by Rama Subramanian | 5th Jun, 2016, 02:04: PM

Expert Answer:

All types of chemical reactions:

•Combination reaction: 

A chemical reaction in which two or more substances combine to form a single product is called a combination reaction or synthesis.

•Decomposition reaction:

A chemical reaction in which a single compound splits into two or more simple substances is called a decomposition reaction.

•Displacement reaction:

Reactions in which the more reactive element displaces the less reactive element from its compound are called displacement reactions.

•Double displacement reaction:

Reactions in which the ions of the reactants exchange places to form two new compounds are called double displacement reactions.

•Oxidation and reduction reactions:

Reactions which involve the addition of oxygen or the removal of hydrogen are called oxidation reactions.

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