please explain

Asked by musira29rahman | 31st Aug, 2019, 01:27: PM

Expert Answer:

Carbanion: Group of atoms which contain negatively charged carbon carrying a negative charge.
Order of stability of the species  
CH subscript 3 superscript minus space greater than space 1 degree space greater than space 2 degree space greater than 3 degree
The alkyl group attached to negatively charged carbon atom tends to release electron towards carbon due to +I inductive effect, i.e. electron releasing. This increases electron density on the negatively charged carbon atom and hence makes it unstable. Larger the number of alkyl groups attached to the negatively charged carbon atom, greater will be the electron density on the carbon atom and lower will be its stability.
Therefore CH3-CH2-CH2is more stable than CH3-CH-CH3

Answered by Ramandeep | 3rd Sep, 2019, 01:11: PM

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