PLEASE ELUCIDATE WITH AN EXAMPLE . When work is done against a non-conservative force,it will not result in storage of potential energy.How?

Asked by Ravdeep Singh Sehgal | 11th Jun, 2013, 03:44: AM

Expert Answer:

No, you are wrong when you say that the work is being stored in the body in the form of potential energy as the block is raised from some initial height h. When non-conservative forces do work upon an object, the object will either gain or lose mechanical energy. This loss of mechanical energy in the case of friction force can take place in the form of heat which can't be recovered back in the form of mechanical energy. However, if it was frictionless surface, the total mechanical energy would have been conserved (neither gained nor lost) since then only conservative forces would have been acting. 

Answered by  | 11th Jun, 2013, 04:28: AM

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