please arrange this in the order of :
1.lymphocyte,antigen,bacteria,active immunity,antibody,pathogen(immunity developed)
2. aorta,pulmonery vein,right atria,left ventricle, hepatic portal vein,stomach,posterior vena cava,lungs(oxygenation of blood)

Asked by sankar.goswami | 30th Nov, 2015, 09:43: PM

Expert Answer:

1. Please clarify the question or provide additional details; as bacteria, pathogen and antigen all technically belong to the same category. 
2. Right atria, Lungs, Pulmonary vein, Left ventrical, Aorta, Stomach, Hepatic portal vein, Inferior vena cava. 

Answered by Aniket Vyawahare | 1st Dec, 2015, 03:15: PM