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Asked by abhishek11 | 7th Feb, 2010, 07:15: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the number of rows be N and M be cars per row.

Total number of cars at any time t = NM

M+3 then N-1.

M-3 then N+2.

But the total number cars are fixed at that time in the parking place.


(M+3)(N-1) = NM

3N - M = 3 ...............(1)


(M-3)(N+2) = NM

2M - 3N = 6 ............(2)

Solving (1) and (2), 

N=4, M = 9.

Total number of cars at that particular time = 36




Answered by  | 8th Feb, 2010, 06:07: AM

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