please answer with a smile
why r there so difficult names like hetotrophic
cant it just be hulk u know easier and very easy to remember

Asked by Pratham | 19th Sep, 2014, 07:59: AM

Expert Answer:

Understanding biology would be much simpler if we are able to understand the terminologies used in biology. Difficult biology words and terms can be made easy to understand by becoming familiar with common prefixes and suffixes used in biology. These affixes, derived from Latin and Greek roots, form the basis for many difficult biology words. It would be much simpler to remember the most complex terms in biology by breaking down these terms into discrete units.

1. Autotroph

This word can be separated as follows: Auto- troph.
Auto - means self, troph - means nourish. Autotrophs are organisms capable of self-nourishment.

2. Cytokinesis
This word can be separated as follows: Cyto- kinesis.
Cyto - means cell, kinesis - means movement. Cytokinesis refers to the movement of the cytoplasm that produces individual daughter cells during cell division.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 19th Sep, 2014, 12:45: PM

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