Please answer this: Suppose that one is given a task to arrange the calorific value of some fuels in ascending order If natural gas ,cooking gas,and alcohol are said to be compared where should I place the natural gas as it has the range il of numbers instead of a single value

Asked by acshanadhana15 | 8th Sep, 2020, 10:54: AM

Expert Answer:

Calorific value of Alcohol (Ethanol) = 29,700 kJ/kg 
Calorific value of CNG (Compressed Natural gas) = 50000 kJ/kg
Calorific value of Cooking gas (LPG- Liquified Petroleum Gas) = 55000 kJ/kg 
In ascending order, 
Alcohol> Natural gas> Cooking gas  ... (according to their calorific values) 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 8th Sep, 2020, 08:45: PM