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Let the coordinates of third vertice be (x,y).

Length of side by distance formula is given by,AB2=52+12 =26

We have:

(x-3)2 +(y-4)2 = 26 ..(1)

(x+2)2 +(y-3)=26 ...(2)

From (1) and (2)

(x-3)2 +(y-4)2 = (x+2)2 +(y-3)2  



Put in (1) and solving for y:

(x-3)2 +(-5x+2)=26

26x2 -26x-13=0

x=1.366 x=-0.366

and y=-0.83 or y=7.83

Coordinates can be :(1.366,-0.83) or (-0.366,7.83)

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