Please answer the given value based question:
Mohan heard a lot of noise and weeping nearby.He took courage and went to enquire what had happened.He found that some people had taken spurious alcohol containing methanol and were crrying with pain and were complaining of loss of eyesight.He immediately hired an autorickshaw and packed it with four persons who had consumed spurious alcohol.
1)How does methanol in drinking alcohol cause problem?
2)What treatment might the doctors have undertaken to save the patients?
3)What message would you give to the person who consumed spurious alcohol?

Asked by sunil2791 | 3rd Nov, 2017, 06:54: PM

Expert Answer:

1. Methanol is unfit for consumption as it is highly toxic.
    Drunk methanol when metabolised it forms formaldehyde and then converted to formic acid.These are very poisonous cmpounds and can cause blindness, coma or death of          the person.
2. Methanol poisoning is treated with Fomepizole or ethanol.
    These drugs reduce the action of alcohol dehydrogenase on methanol by means of inhibitation. Due to this methanol is excreted by kidneys without being converted to toxic        compounds like formic acid. Additional treatment includes sodium bicarbonate for metabolic acidosis.
3. We can tell the person about the illeffects of suprious alcohol. Also we can advise the person not to comsume alcohol and how to to avoid drinking.

Answered by Varsha | 4th Nov, 2017, 02:14: PM