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Simple to Compound
1) It being foggy, the flight had to be cancelled. 
It was foggy, so the the flight was cancelled.
2) In spite of being very knowledgeable, she failed as a teacher. 
She was very knowledgeable, but  failed as a teacher. 
3) You have to apologise to avoid punsihment. 
You have to apologise and avoid punishment.
4) The Sun having risen, we resumed our journey. 
The Sun rose. We resumed our journey.

5) Being a man of practical wisdom, Akbar succeeded as  a king.
Akbar was a man of practical wisdom and succeeded as  a king.

6) Besides paying his school fees, she got the poor child new books also.
She paid the school fees and also got new books for the poor child.

7) But for your help, I could not have completed the project on time. 
I could not have completed the project on time, but for your help.

8) In spite of having poor health, she is always cheerful.
She has a poor health, yet she is cheerful.
Compound to Simple

1)She continued her dance for she found the audience very appreciative.
Finding the audience appreciative, she continued her dance.

2) The umpires found the light poor and decided to call off the match.
Finding the ligjht poor, the umpires decided to call off the match. 

3) He is Japanese by birth but he speaks Hindi fluently.
In spite being Japanese by birth, he speaks Hindi fluently.

4) The judge found the charges frivolous and acquitted him.
Finding nthe charges frivolous, the judges acquitted him.
5) I have read this poem thrice but I have not understood it. 
Inspite of reading this poem thrice, I have not understood it. 

6) You must not be late or you will miss the best performance.
In the event of you being late, you will miss the best performance.

7) He will study Biology for he wants to become a doctor. 
He will study Biology to become a doctor.

8) Respect others or others will not respect you.
Respect others inorder for them to  respect you. 

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