Please answer the following question From Chapter-1
'Two Gentlemen of Verona'
1. Why did the driver not approve of their buying fruit from the boys?
2. When did the author‘s companion find out that the boys were brothers?
3. What were the jobs the boys did to earn money?
4. What attracted the visitors towards the boys?
5. Where did the author meet the two boys for the first time? What were they doing?
6. Why was the author surprised to see Nicola and Jacopo working as shoe shines?
7. How were the boys useful to the author?
8. Why did the author say that what struck one most was their willingness to work?
9. Why were the boys out in the deserted square at night?
10. Were the boys quite happy to work? Which sentence tells you this?
11. What made the author think that they were earning much?
12. Why did Nicola say ‘just plans’ when the author asked them what their plans were?
13. Who asked the author to drive them to Poleta? Did the other brother approve of the request? Why?
14. Did the boys try to prevent the author from finding out the real purpose of their visit to Poleta? Did they succeed?
15. How did the war affect the boys‘ family?
16. How did the boys take care of their sister?
17. Do you think the two boys enjoyed what they were doing? Why do you think so?
18. How does the story of the Two Gentlemen of Verona give promise of greater hope for human society?
19. How can you say that the boys worked quite hard?
20. What did the narrator tell the narrator?
21. How was the life of the boys comfortable and cultured?
22. How did the boys react to the Lucia‘s suffering from the tuberculosis of the spine?
23. What happened when the boys rejoined the narrator?

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Please refer to the textbook solutions for the Literature Reader available on our webste. You will find answers to most of the questions in your query. If you cannot find an answer, please feel free to post that question and we will gladly assist you. 

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