please answer me the question         
                                                difference  between modern farming and traditional  farming

Asked by cmkganesh | 27th Jun, 2014, 06:06: AM

Expert Answer:

raditional farming

Modern Farming

Traditional methods of agriculture and age old equipments are used in this kind of farming. For example, the plowing in the field is done by a pair of bullocks.

Advanced technology and modern methods of farming are used in this kind of farming. For example, in modern farming field is plowed by tractors. Further, many machines like harvesters, seed drills, threshers are used in later stages of production.

The production is low as low yield seeds are used and manures and cow dung are used as fertilizers.

The production is high as high yield varieties (HVY) of seeds are used. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides are used in large quantities.

It requires a great amount of labour and hence many job opportunities are provided to the agricultural workers.

Since most of the work is carried out by large machines, the job opportunities to the agricultural workers are comparatively less.

Since the traditional seeds need less irrigation, the dependence on irrigational facilities is less.

Since the HYV seeds need to be irrigated extensively, the dependence on irrigational facilities is far more. Hence more water resources are required.

Traditional farming is more environmental friendly as less water is required for irrigation and natural fertilizers are used.

It is not environment friendly as extensive irrigation leads to the lowering of water table in the areas located near by the field. Extensive use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides affect the quality of crops.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 27th Jun, 2014, 08:37: AM

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