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The blood of lizards of the genera Prasinohaema is green. This coloration of the blood is the result of the accumulation of the bile pigment biliverdin in levels that would be toxic in all other other vertebrates. Biliverdin is a compound that is formed from the breakdown of hemoglobin, and is normally converted to bilirubin. However, it is believed that mutation in various genes regulating bilirubin formation lead to the formation and accumulation of high levels of biliverdin

A pale-green pigment, hemovanadin, is found within the blood cells (vanadocytes) of sea squirts (Tunicata) belonging to the families Ascidiidae and Perophoridae. The biochemical function of hemovanadin, a strong reducing agent, is unknown. Hemovanadin is similar to hemoglobin but containing vanadium instead of iron.

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