plastics are boon or bane?

Asked by Shriti | 30th May, 2014, 03:08: PM

Expert Answer:

Plastic has proved to be a boon in various ways.

  • When you enter a hospital, you can never fail to notice plastic vials, bottles, syringes, tubes, and many more articles made of plastic; those which are used to save many lives everyday all around the globe.
  • Plastic is used in the manufacture of thousands of home use articles such as boxes, cases, bottles, containers, tumblers, chairs, tables, and many more.

But it has bane too,

  • Plastic waste accumulated in land fills amount to a lot of soil pollution over the years since they are non-biodegradable.
  • When plastic is burnt, the harmful fumes enter into the atmosphere and has direct effects upon someone who breathes it. And so, NO! we cannot eliminate plastic by burning it.
  • Plastic also finds its way into drains and sewage pipes, clogging them; more often than not, this may lead to water pollution directly and/or indirectly.
  • Animals sometimes, feed on plastic and die painfully as plastic chokes their digestive and respiratory tracts. This is a very serious concern in many countries worldwide.
  • There have also been incidents of little children suffocating while playing with plastic bags and toys.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 2nd Jun, 2014, 12:24: PM