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Ans. 22

Wurtz–Fittig reaction:

When the haloarene is heated with the etheral solution of an alkyl halide in the presence of sodium, the halogen atom of the haloarene is replaced by the alkyl group and a higher arene is obtained. This reaction is called Wurtz-fittig reaction.
C6H5Cl +2Na +CH3Cl =  C6H5CH3 +2NaCl
Here in this question option A is not an example of Wurtz-fittig reaction.
Because given reactants are alkanes, C6H5-CH2-Cl is an alkane in which a phenyl ring is a substituent.


Ans. 23

Ethyne can be obtained in one step by using silver powder and chloroform.

Chloroform on heating with silver metal, gives ethyne as a product.

2 space CHCl subscript 3 space plus space 6 space Ag space space space rightwards arrow with increment on top space space CH identical to CH space space plus space space 6 space AgCl

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