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Asked by jain.pradeep | 18th Feb, 2020, 08:27: PM

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Initial Capacitance  C = εo ( A/d ) 
where εo is permittivity of free space, A is area of parallel plates and d is distance between parallel plates.
if distance d between plates is doubled, capacitance  C' = ( εo  A) /(2d) = (1/2) ( εo  A) /d = (1/2) C
 Initial potential difference between plates V = Q/C 
where Q is charge on plates. 
Potential difference V' after changing distance d to 2d is given by,  V' = Q/[ (1/2) C) = 2 V
(i) Charge stored on capacitor remains constant after changing the distance between capacitor plates
(ii) Inital field strength  Ei = V/d  
Field strength after changing distance  Ef  = 2V / (2d) = Ei
(iii) Initial energy Ui stored in capacitor  = (1/2)CV2
Energy stored in capacitor after changing the distance d between plates ,
Uf = (1/2) [ (1/2)C ] (2V)2 = C V2

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 19th Feb, 2020, 10:49: AM

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