particles of matter have space between them explain?
particles of matter attract each orther explain?
explain states of matter?
Why an unfolded cloth dries up faster than a folded ones?
why evaporation is faster in hot summer day then a winter or cloudy day?
how water becomes colder in an earthern pitcher?
when we pour some acetone on our palm we feel cold why?
what produces more severe burns boiling water or steam?

Asked by Tarsh | 23rd May, 2016, 09:56: PM

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Solution for your first query,
When salt is added to water and stirred, salt particles disapper and we get clear salt solution.
This is because, when we add salt to water and sitrred to dissolve, the particles of salt separate out and enter the empty spaces between the particles.
That means, particles of matter have empty spaces between them.

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Answered by Prachi Sawant | 26th May, 2016, 12:46: PM