Partial neutralisation of a polybasic acid gives: a)acid salt b)basic salt c)normal salt d)double salt please give reason. and also explain what is a polybasic acid?

Asked by sumandeesinghrana | 12th Oct, 2010, 03:19: PM

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Dear Student
The answers is (a) acid salt
 Example :NaHSO3(formed When poly basic acid H2SO3 is partially neutralized by NaOH)

                  NaOH +H2SO3---------->NaHSO3 +H2O    

A polybasic acid is an acid with more than one replaceable hydrogens. For example, HCl which has only one replaceable hydrogen is monobasic acid; H2SO4 is dibasic acid as it has two replaceable hydrogens; orthophosphoric acid H3PO4 has three replaceable hydrogen atoms, so it is tribasic acid. So H2SO4 ,H3PO4are examples of polybasic acid.
Replacement of all the hydrogens of any polybasic acid by metal atoms forms normal salts. If not all the hydrogens are replaced,i.e partial neutralisation acid salts are formed.
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