Oxford Gateway Reader:CH-5-After Twenty Years:-
1.Why was the stranger waiting in the doorway of the darkened store?
2.What do we learn from the stranger about his best friend,Jimmy Wells?What his attitude towards Jimmy?
3.What do you learn about the character and personality of Jimmy Wells's from his words and the manner in which he was dressed?
6.What did the policeman mean when he asked the other man if he was 'going to call time on him sharp?'Why do you think he asked this question?

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Expert Answer:

1) The stranger was waiting  for his friend, Jimmy Wells, who had, 20 years before, promised to meet him at that restaurant.
2) The stranger characterises Jimmy Wells as someone who never wished to leave New York as he iwas not a hustler like him. considers Jimmy as his true friend who would keep his promise of coming to that restaurant after 20 years.

3) Only towards the end of the story, do we come to know that the policeman was Jimmy Wells, who, 20 years earlier,  had promised to meet him at tha t restaurabnt. While describing him to the policeman, Bob portrayed Jimmy as a true friend. The two had grown up together and were the closest of friends, but the man was leaving the next morning to go out to the West to find his fortune, and Jimmy, being a timi by nature, would never leave New York.  However, we are left awestruck, when it is revelead that the policeman was Jimmy Wells. Jimmy Wells, the policeman, with his stalwart form and slight swagger, made a fine picture of a guardian of the peace.
4)The policeman (Jimmy Wells) asked Bob whether he would be waiting for his friend only till 10 clock; as Bob told the policeman that it was exactly at 10' o clock did they part and promised to again meet up at the same place 20 years later. However, the policeman's motive behind asking this was to confirm how much time he has to take in the criminal, 'Silky' Bob under arrest.

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